It should have been in my university,
as I was busy encoding a program,
you’ll sit beside me and I’ll tell you
there’s someone sitting there.
You would then give me your crooked smile
and I’d be a goner because of your hazel eyes.
You’d take another seat far away from me
but you’re still staring back at me.
Next day we would find ourselves
wanting to sit beside each other.

It should have been in a coffee shop,
while you are busy composing an article,
intricately typing words on your laptop,
I’ll be there on the other table
reading another novel for hopeless romantics.
You would then gaze at me intently
and I would feel your eyes observing me.
We could be like that for hours
until you walk straight to my place
and ask me about the book that I’m reading.

It should have been in a bookstore,
as I scan through the books in the shelves,
searching for a book that I’d like to by,
you’d see the book I am holding on
and you’d tell me why I should by it.
Next thing we would know,
we are talking about our favorite books,
getting lost within our own worlds
as we found ourselves in each other.

It should have been one of these scenes
or millions of other possibilities.
We should have met in a manner
which would take us into deeper understanding.
It should have been as easy at that.
Maybe, we were not just a could have been.
Maybe right now, we are still happening.
Maybe, we did not have to end at all.

n.a., If I could rewrite our story, I’d put these on our first page (via themostawesomebitch)